When entering the Infrawave infrared cabin the delightful scent of Canadian red cedar wood is immediately sensed. Relax as you like it, enjoy the higher or lower temperature, unwind in a balanced atmosphere. Listen to your favourite music, breathe in the fragrant aroma therapy, set your colour therapy and thoroughly enjoy the experience in your own Infrawave. A special infrared cabin, completely designed to your personal preference, at Alpha Wellness Sensations, we know that your wishes and ideas are much more important than the standard options you can choose. In terms of dimensions, the entire Infrawave series can be fully customised to your needs for a small additional charge. Narrower - wider - deeper - higher - sloping roof - under the stairs etc. Ask your dealer for more information.

Infrawave Combi Hasselt

Infrawave Combi Nieuwstadt

Don’t know where to place the cabin? Upload the premises plan and see what solution our designers can offer to you.