Why Infrawave?

Certified safety

Infrared heaters are developed and tested in cooperation with TUV and the Seibersdorf laboratory, which is the most important international scientific quality testing laboratory in Austria. It is recommended to use only an infrared sauna with heaters that have certification, this is for your own safety.

With Infrawave, opt for security and the best technique. Safety first!



Optimum efficiency

DUO heater has two heating elements in one casing, so you can switch to comfortable intensity for yourself.

The safe full-spectrum infrared heater warms up the body directly without pre-heating time. The heat penetrates safely through to underlying muscle tissue so it is easier to achieve total relaxation.

The magnesium oxide heater is mainly heating the air which heats the body, a lovely warm environment that is perfect for sweating and helps to detoxify the body.

Why Infrawave?

Wider Reflection

The heater housing is design in our factory to achieve maximum output with the built-in reflector and the correct angles. The shiny casing reflects IR-waves that allow the heat to reach a larger surface of the body.

Opened Heat

Our infrared heaters have grid protection, not glass ones, which is safer because they do not retain heat and allow it to pass through, which is more efficient, without the risk of getting burn injuries.

The advanced electronic control unit

The Infrawave control unit is compact and very easy to use. It offers you the possibility to regulate two separate zones: the back and front heaters in 5% increments, moreover, the leg heater, floor heating, and lighting can be switched on and off. Thanks to this, you can choose the setting that best suits your personal needs, muscle relaxation with a higher or lower temperature. Alpha Industries makes it possible. 

Best Quality Original Canadian Red Cedar

We only buy wood with environmental and forest protection labels, of the best quality from Vancouver Island, and we transport it directly to the factory in Europe. The wood dries naturally over two months and then, for two weeks in the dryer, reaching a humidity of 12%. After a long journey, the profiles are introduced in production.
The reason for this long journey is Canadian red cedar wood, which is naturally antimicrobial, no matter how much moisture or perspiration is released on this species of wood, it will not grow fungi, mould, or bacteria.

Almost 40 Years of Experience in Infrared Technology

We are trendsetters and innovators in the wellness industry, take a look at our inventions in the raw:

The invention of the first Alpha Heat Infrared sauna

 The invention of 98% aluminium reflector housing

 The invention of electrical floor heating for IR sauna

 The invention of using integrated colour light in IR sauna

 The invention of the dimmable control unit for IR sauna

 The invention of the movable side heaters in IR sauna

 The invention of the protection grid in IR sauna

The invention of the longer full-spectrum heater

 The invention of the infrared barrel sauna for outdoor use

 The invention of the ergonomic full-spectrum heater

 The invention of the IR Lounge sauna with ELT

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