Pentagon shaped Infrared Sauna for 2-3 people. Made of original Canadian red cedar wood (PEFC), complete with all necessary accessories and equipped with the latest technology. It has an advanced electronic control unit, which gives you the ability to adjust the intensity and temperature of the heaters. Using the switch on the heater housing, you can choose between full-spectrum infrared heaters or magnesium oxide.

  • Supplied in original Canadian red cedar wood (PEFC)
  • 3 DUO infrared heaters 350W / back 
  • 2 DUO infrared heaters 500W / front
  • 2 Magnesium oxide heaters 500W for calves
  • Floor heating 80W
  • Infrawave electronic control unit
  • Loudspeaker with integrated Bluetooth
  • LED colour light therapy with remote control
  • Glass door - tinted glass 1850 x 590 x 8mm
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Canadian red cedar

Advanced electronic control

Storage for remote control


Loudspeaker with integrated Bluetooth

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