The best way to enhance your health!

The best way to enhance your health!


Certified safety

The infrared heaters are developed and tested in cooperation with TUV & the Seibersdorf laboratory, which is the leading international quality scientific testing laboratory in Austria. Basically we can say that it is advisable to use only an infrared cabin with heaters which have this certification, this is for your own safety. With the Infrawave, you opt for security and the best technique. Safety first!


Optimum efficiency

DUO heater has magnesium and quartz heaters, so you can switch to comfortable intensity for yourself.

The safe full-spectrum infrared heater warms up the body directly without pre-heating time, this can be felt immediately after turning on. The heat penetrates safely through to underlying muscle tissue so it is easier to achieve total relaxation.

The magnesium oxide heater is mainly heating the air which heats the body, a lovely warm environment that is perfect for relaxation and sweating and helps to detoxify your body.

Why Infrawave?

Wider Reflection

The DUO housing is designed in the laboratory and formulated to achieve absolute returns with the built-in reflector. This is in contrast to our competitors. They often install three elements in a small casing.

Wave Lengths

-Infrawave heaters have a measurement from 3 to 10% IR-A, 20 to 30% IR-B and 60 to 80% IR-C. This depends on the point of measurement, the power and the given output of the control. Knowing this, it is impossible to attach a single fixed value to infrared heaters.

-Infrawave heaters are especially designed with the right ratios of IR-A, IR-B, and IR-C for creating different wellness experiences. This is made possible by applying the right-and-tested proportions of the infrared spectrum.

Controlled and dimmable control unit

With a dimmable control unit, the power of infrared heaters can be adjusted. With a lower capacity, the core temperature of the full spectrum heater is lower. As a result, the wavelength moves more to the long-wave range. Thanks to this, you can choose the setting that best suits your personal needs. Muscle relaxation with a higher or lower temperature inside the cabin. Alpha Industries makes it possible. Control is easy and conveniently to be used in combination with the correct infrared heaters.

Best Quality Original Canadian Red Cedar

We buy wood with only environment and forest protection labels, of the best quality from Vancouver Island, and transport it directly to the factory located in Europe. The wood dry first two months naturally, and then, for two weeks in the dryer , to get to 12% humidity. After the entire journey, we plan the profiles for production. The reason for this long road is Canadian Red Cedar wood, which is naturally antimicrobial, no matter how much moisture or sweat is released into this species of lumber, it is impossible to grow fungus, mould or bacteria’s.

More than 60 Years of Experience in Infrared Heaters

We are trendsetters and innovators in the wellness industry, take a look at our inventions in a raw:

1983 -Invention of the first Alpha Heat Infrared cabin

1992 - Invention of 98% aluminium reflector housing

1994 - Invention of electrical floor heating in IR cabins

1995 - Invention of integrated colour light in IR cabins

1996 - Invention of the dimmable control unit in zones for IR cabins

2001 - Invention of the movable side heaters in IR cabins

2003 - Invention of the flocked grids in IR cabins

2005 - Invention of the longer size Quarts full spectrum heater

2012 - Invention of the Infrared barrel sauna for outdoor use

2015 - Invention of the ergonomic full spectrum quarts heater

2018 - Invention of the ELT-IR lounge IR cabin


Health benefits

Immune system

Immune system

Body temperature will rise during use. An artificial fever is produced. Our immune system will work at full power for a brief moment – more intense and powerful than ever.

Cardiovascular control

Cardiovascular control

Regular use of an infrared cabin can create a comparable ambient stress to the cardiovascular system. Thanks to the deep penetration of the infrared heat, the heating effect will penetrate deep into the muscles and internal organs. The hypothalamus will produce an increase in heart volume as well as speed. Because of this, a positive heart stress will occur which will produce the desired cardiovascular training and a positive effect on one’s condition. For people who are confined to a wheelchair or handicapped, it is often very hard to control the cardiovascular system.

Improved blood circulation

Improved blood circulation

Heating of the muscles will cause a raised level of blood flow, comparable to intense exercise of the body. Body temperature rise will bring about better blood circulation and dilation directly into capillaries, arteries and other blood vessels.



Increased blood circulation will stimulate perspiration glands. Perspiration is healthy. Sweat contains toxins and waste products that have built up inside the body. Daily perspiration detoxifies the body. Substances that are found in sweat are, among other things, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium) and alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulphuric acid and cholesterol.

Rheumatic conditions

Rheumatic conditions

When having rheumatic inflammation, it is most important to improve blood circulation at the site of the inflammation so that complementary antibodies will form. Research by the MST* has shown that infrared heat has an actual, wholesome effect on people with rheumatic conditions. The research was led by Dr. Frits Oosterveld, Professor at the Academy for Physiotherapy, and rheumatologist Professor Hans Rasker at Topclinic Hospital MST. (*Medisch Spectrum Twente).

Overall sense of well-being

Overall sense of well-being

The sensation of well-being will increase because of the relaxing infrared heat. Nervous symptoms are reduced and a good night’s rest is encouraged. A distinct, relaxing and enforcing effect of the deeper warmth will be experienced after the first few sessions.

Purifying the skin

Purifying the skin

Good perspiration is obtained after just a few minutes inside the infrared cabin. Deeper impurities and dead skin tissue is drained off, which will result in glowing skin, which will feel completely clean. It will improve skin color and elasticity. It has also been proven that, thanks to improved blood circulation, skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and burns will fade. In addition, open wounds will heal faster, and scars will fade.



Even though medicines and other techniques such as yoga are used to fight insomnia, the luxury of relaxing in an infrared cabin is healthier than taking medicines. It also has a better relaxing effect. Sometimes during the day, or in the evening an hour before going to bed, the penetrating warmth and tranquility of an infrared cabin will help you to fall asleep naturally.

Muscular problems and sports warm-up

Muscular problems and sports warm-up

Infrared deep warmth works by penetrating the joints, muscles and tissue, and by increasing oxygenation. It reduces pain at nerve-endings and muscle spasms. Before exercising, it is advisable to warm up the muscles in order to prevent any injury.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease

Research shows that sweat consists of 80% water. The remaining 20% consists of liposoluble toxins and heavy metals, acids, sodium, ammonia, fat and cholesterol. Normal cholesterol and fat are responsible for cardiovascular disease. Regular use of the infrared cabin will reduce or remove these substances.

Full-Spectrum Infrared Heater


Our infrared heaters are specially designed with the appropriate safe ratio between IR-A, IR-B and IR-C for creating optimal wellness experiences.

The formula behind the success is our patented full-spectrum infrared heater, based on the S-curve, which perfectly matches the anatomy of the body. The back is completely up deep into the lower back supported along the contours of the body.



The Infrawave relax lounge with comfortable and aesthetic is like an oasis of relaxation and can help to relieve back pain


Depth Heat

A large part of the energy of the ergonomic full spectrum infrared energy, which penetrates deeply into the skin layers, generates a so-called deep and relaxing heat.


Pure Relaxation

Lying relaxing in an ergonomic chair while the blood circulation is promoted, back problems and muscle tension be eased, joint pain is disputed, and skin problems are mitigated.



The ergonomic integrated infrared heater in the seat follows the anatomy of the body, warms the back and neck and has a beneficial effect on spinal disorders.


Blood Circulation

With the bundled infrared energy the immune system is strengthened, it also stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.


Electronic Control

The patented full-spectrum infrared heaters, based on the S-curve fit seamlessly with the anatomy of the body. The infrared heaters are electronically controlled and dimmable.



When entering the Infrawave infrared cabin the delightful scent of Canadian red cedar wood is immediately sensed. Relax as you like it, enjoy the higher or lower temperature, unwind in a balanced atmosphere. Listen to your favourite music, breathe in the fragrant aroma therapy, set your colour therapy and thoroughly enjoy the experience in your own Infrawave. A special infrared cabin, completely designed to your personal preference, at Alpha Wellness Sensations, we know that your wishes and ideas are much more important than the standard options you can choose. In terms of dimensions, the entire Infrawave series can be fully customised to your needs for a small additional charge. Narrower - wider - deeper - higher - sloping roof - under the stairs etc. Ask your dealer for more information.


Whatever your question is, for further information or for a dealer in your area, please contact us...